Hoboken, NJ, March 12, 2010: Burgiss, the leading provider of portfolio management software and hosted services for private equity investors, is pleased to announce a new member of the management team—Tom Kusner, Director of Data Services.

In his new role, Mr. Kusner will manage the day-to-day operations of the Private Informant team as they track global investment activities for over 4,000 private equity investments and over 60,000 unique portfolio companies and their characteristics. He will also direct development to improve data integrity, as well as to expand the asset classes managed by the system.

“The subscriber count is growing, as is the number of private investments we continue to manage in Private Informant,” said Jim Kocis, President of Burgiss. “Tom Kusner brings a much needed, fresh perspective to the Burgiss management team.”

]Mr. Kusner brings more than 13 years of experience managing research operations and developing information products for the capital markets and private equity. Previously, he was Managing Director for PitchBook Data, a private equity news and data provider, and Director of Data and Analytics at market intelligence firm CapitalBridge (now Ipreo). Mr. Kusner’s prior experience includes leading data research and analytics at Venture Economics, Thomson Financial and VentureOne.

Private Informant is a web-based financial data service that tracks the investment activities and performance of underlying portfolio companies for investors in private equity and alternative investments. A team of financial analysts at Burgiss performs a detailed review of financial reports, and then records relevant data into the secure, online system.

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